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Everyone can say the players need to suck it up and be men, but something that really stuck out to me from the A Football Life: Warren Sapp the other night is when Sapp talked about when Gruden got hired, he just smiled and emphasized how much FUN it was to play for Gruden. The good coaches can drive you hard but still make you feel like you're having fun and it comes out in your play. From all these articles we keep reading, it seems like Schiano has sucked the fun out of playing a kid's game. That's not how you do it.

I agree. These guys aren't just losing every week. They aren't enjoying the game. They aren't loving the game of football. When guys start looking at it as a required duty, as work, as something they dread....rather than an opportunity to do the thing they love everyday, then guys stop spending extra time at the facility. They are excited to go home instead of being excited to go to work. They do just enough and no more. That is no way to find success in the NFL or in any business. The big difference between the NFL and other business, is that these guys are under contract. When they recognize that the leadership sucks and they are doomed, they can't just turn in their two weeks notice and go work somewhere else. They have to stay and deal with the idiocy and do it with a smile.