Re: Re: The Trouble in Tampa…ESPN report


I have to say I am getting rather sick of these articles.  Frankly I am happy disliking Rutgers for his wrong approach to Sundays but a lot of this stuff actually makes me a bit sympathetic to him.the moron player saying if he's thirsty he will drink.  No dude, you do actually need to be hydrating all along the way not just once you get thirsty.  Have to also say that draconian rules about hats inside don't spill much beer on my table. The oddity is that in a concern for hydration you then run these 110 yard gassers and run them a lot of times. All coaches skate really close to the practice rules about contact and plenty of other teams have been cited for violating those rules. Oh and obviously cutting Freeman remains the best thing he's done.

I think the player used a bad example when he brought up the water. The over all point is the coach is to controlling and spends to much time on things that don't equate to wins. Like no hats in the meeting room or whatever. Is that a big deal? No. But when you're losing abd your coaching staff is worried about hats and a precise room temperature it's frustrating to say the least. Say you worked at McDonald's and no customers were getting served and the line was backed up. Imagine you're boss walking around demanding that shirts be tucked in, shoes be tied etc. Its like really? A lobby full of angry customers and you're in my face about my shirt being tucked in? Same thing with Greg. Why are you wasting time on players wearing hats and he hasn't won a game he shouldn't even notice hats.

Well said.

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