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Schiano was supposed to lighten up this year.  Early on I thought we heard that he did, but apparently that was not accurate.  Or a lot of these complaints are really more focused on last year combined with the losing of this year, which is a reasonable possiblity.  We’re never going to know for certain though.  We were talking about this last year, the need for him to lighten up and change, Coughlin went through a similar thing before the team won their first Lombardi.And while everyone here is happy to jump on board reading more and more into these things, you have to dial back and realize that these stories -- whether about us or another team-- are what draws in the readers -- and therefore the dollars and careers of the writers -- for the outlets that publish them.  You should be skeptical of whether the scope and interpretation of these events and claims are as portrayed.  The more legs readers give these stories, the more damage they do -- and they are doing damage.  And as much pleasure as that gives to those who's hatred has overwhelmed their judgement, and as mucha s we will be better off with the higher pick at this point, you have to realize that the damage being done will linger on more than just this season.  Raheem left this team predissposed to quit, we don't need that reinforced with the current and new players.  We already saw a QB quit, do we really want the next coach to have to inherit a bunch of quitters again?