Re: Re: The Trouble in Tampa…ESPN report

Feel Real Good

Sounds more like candy ass Wilson searching for an excuse.

I agree.These players wanted to treated like men and wear their earrings wherever they thats funnyAnyway, the hats, shirts tucked in, and other rules serve a purpose if people would look at the forest through the trees. These are rules...little rules...small things...if you can get players to pay attention to the small things and pay attention to every detail, the belief is that they will do that in everything they do...not just in football, but in life as well. That goes for the coaches as well...they need to pay attention to every single detail...and I think the hardest part if finding a happy balance. Obviously...we are failing at that right now

If you read the Red Board, it's better to be tough and lose like the Bucs than be puzzies and win like other teams.

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