Re: Re: The Trouble in Tampa…ESPN report


Quiters quit and winners find a way. Complaining about being treated like kids when your actions suggest you be. Schiano’s time is done here and I can say I’m no longer against it. Schiano learned a lesson the hard way, the belicheck way. Being strict and demanding of your players is seen as trying to pull the best out of them, when your winning. When you lose it’s seen as what is listed above.I've never buy the setiment that is throw around here that they were treated like kids. It's been proven oh so many times every year, every month, hell, every week that many players in this league are not responsible or self accountable. We're men, we're professionals they say, as they order alcohol by room service the night before a game.Andy Reid ran one of the most difficult camps in recent years, especially with new CBA rules. Full pads, tackling at every possible moment. A close friend of mine who is a chiefs fan was irrate all pre-season about it. He's winning and he's a savior, he loses and he's Schiano. It is what it is. The players need to be strict, the quiters will quit and the true professonals like Vjax will do great.

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