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So, cassel is better in the fourth than glennon?...doesn't seem possible.

What happened to you? You went back to taking shots at Glennon every chance possible.

Well, I was never onboard with starting glennon, and I really don't believe lovie would risk it.It's just annoying how an average qb gets propped up by buc fans(of all people) nitpicking stats all the time to create this illusion that glennon is more than he is.I mean, really...four wins and a boatload of excuses is enough to buy another year starting? That's NOT acceptable in my book. Not when there are other possible options. If we were to be "locked in" fine, but we're not in that type of situation. People have convinced themselves glennon is the best option going into this season, and that's not remotely correct. He's "ok", but we can go back to "ok" if "possible probowler" doesn't pan out. It's redundant to not even try, and I believe they understand that. We need to reach for greatness and glennon isn't great. Sorry, I really wish he was, but he's not.

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