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  • Denver has won 62.5% of it's games by 10 points or more ranked 1st in NFL. Seattle ranks 3rd at 50.0%. Denver: 10 Seattle: 8
  • Seattle is 1st in the NFL in scoring efficiency at 1.81 Denver is tied with Carolina at 1.52 Ranked 2nd in the NFL.
  • Denver is 1st in the NFL in PPG Differential with 13.0 Seattle ranks 2nd with 11.7 They are the only two teams in double digits.

Scoring Efficiency Ratio - compares the number of points a team scores to the number of points the team gives up to give you an indication to how well they are at producing points compares to giving up points.Point per game differential - is a useful statistic, and advanced versions of PPG that take into account strength of an opponent makes up the "Point Differential Betting System". The differential gives a good indication of how teams perform offensively and defensively throughout the season, and generally speaking teams with a higher differential tend to beat teams with a lower differential. The larger the gap between PPG differential, the more confidence.

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