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tog,  if they don't draft a qb at pick #7, and Glennon gets a fair chance to unseat whomever, whenever, then I'll gladly eat crow.  I no little about Tedford,  so I can't make an intelligent argument as to whether Glennon is as good a fit in the offense as compared to who they end up drafting.

Sweep, I don't think you're wrong about #7.  The only reason I say that is because I'm assuming the Bucs are prepared for the eventuality that their preferred QB doesn't fall to them. As for Glennon, I'm just going off what I saw last year/read about Glennon and what I've read about Tedford's offence. I could easily be 100% wrong. My only difference with you is that I think politics isn't why McCown was brought in and that while the Bucs want to draft a QB early they are also preparing for the eventuality that they can't.

Understood, tog.  We'll see how it plays out.

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