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I’ll also say I was 100% against picking up McCown. I think last year was a 7-game wonder and think he’ll fall back down to his career average this year (unless Tedford is also a QB-whisperer).  And although I brought up Glennon’s lack of zip, I’m not sure how much slower Glennon’s ball would be (if at all) given McCown’s age.  I thought Glennon played well given the circumstances, and short of bringing in a 1st round rookie would have been happy to give him a shot. In alternative, I'm one of those people who would have preferred to bring in Vick - not because he's a human hilight reel but because I believe he gives us more a chance to win games than McCown (and may work well in a modified Tedford offence).  And when he gets injured, bring in Glennon!But I've now been thinking the last couple days, maybe they honestly think Glennon can't hack it in this offence. And then, there's always the very likely possibility that Lovie just wants to win now. I just don't think anyone believes McCown can take us to a SB and I hope Lovie is aware of that.

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