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I agree with the thought process but not that Glennon will never see the field. They named McCown the starter so he can be at the top of the depth chart and the job is "his to lose". Can he lose it if Glennon plays better? Absolutely. I don't disagree that the team could draft a QB at #7 and I think it's very likely they'll draft a QB fairly high. Brett Smith has been a guy they are rumored to be very interested in.

I agree with the part in bold in particular and would add that the posture takes the pressure off Glennon.  Glennon is no longer trying to hold on to a job, he is trying to win it.On the QB and the draft, Licht was on the radio and said: a) there is/are "franchise Qbs" in the draft; b) the Bucs have not ruled out drafting a "franchise QB."  Perhaps more interesting, he also said that he wouldn't say what round that franchise QB might go off the board and noted that they took Brady in the 6th when he was in NE

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