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I took Licht's comments to be mostly smoke. Probably was right about liking a variety of QBs, but I thought he was pretty loose with the word "franchise." For what it's worth, don't think it's Lovie's announcement - either the timing or the substance - was all that earth-shattering.

...or be taken as literally i.e. "McCown is the starter no matter what" as some appear to be doing.

Speaking only for me, my intention is to state that one of the top 4 qb's will be drafted with the intent to be groomed behind McCown, not Glennon.  After 3/4 of the way through the 2015 campaign,  McCown would only be replaced by , ex. Carr, not Glennon.  If the QB is indeed drafted at pick #7, I see zero future for Glennon here.  He will never, imo, be given a chance to outshine the rookie, hence the announcement of McCown as starter.  And that's what I'm predicting.  I certainly didn't say that was earth shattering. 

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