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Sweep, I think what you've proposed is perfectly logic.  My take is different, not for any earth-shattering reason - I just don't think the Bucs are 100% certain they're drafting a QB early. Because of how the draft obviously works out, I don't think they're refusing to have competition with a rookie QB.  And I think you can defuse that by simply stating "Bridgewater is our starter, Glennon is our backup". I think Tedford/Licht (and thus Lovie) do not see Glennon as possessing any of the necessary qualities to have success in his offence. While we're not clear on what exactly we'll see, we can expect more spread elements and "speed in space" - I'm thinking somewhat like what the Patriots have been the last few years when they didn't have their TEs. Glennon was not a fast decisions maker. As well, he throws a slow ball (but can throw it far - hence the constant contradiction from pundits on Glennon having a terrible/great deep ball). I think those (as well as other subtle flaws I'm sure) damn Glennon as a QB in Tedford's offence. I think they just don't like him as a fit. Thus in my mind McCown is a stop gap giving the team flexibility to draft a QB when they want - either 1st round or later. Thus they can take who falls to them, rather then reaching for a QB out of need (especially with the 1st pick). If the QB(s) they like are gone in round 1, they can draft a developmental QB laterand have McCown hold the reigns. Thus it seems to me that even in the scenario of drafting a QB in later rounds, the Bucs staff did not see Glennon as able to be a stopgap in Tedford's offence.

tog,  if they don't draft a qb at pick #7, and Glennon gets a fair chance to unseat whomever, whenever, then I'll gladly eat crow.  I no little about Tedford,  so I can't make an intelligent argument as to whether Glennon is as good a fit in the offense as compared to who they end up drafting.

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