Re: Re: Time for Bucs fans to make a statement


No thanks, I choose to go and root for my team to win instead of rooting for my coach to be fired.He will be fired, make no doubt about it...whether the fans wear gear or not...he is a dead man walking.

Up until this week, I would agree 100%, but now I have a bad feeling that Sheridan (he deserves to be fired) will be made the scape goat, and with people/players saying Schiano is listening to his team, and Butch Davis saying they had the best practices, I can almost see Schiano surviving.  I shudder to think that we might just be seeing a change at D.C. and possibly O.C. this off season, and Clowney will be #1 pick for the Bucs, because Rutgers will be here another year.

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