Re: Re: Time for Bucs fans to make a statement


No thanks, we as fans looked like big enough idiots on the TNF game a couple weeks back. those fans may have set this team back 5 years in our ability to get quality players to want to come here and resign.

Great point! This is totally a real thing that completely exists! Just look at Philadelphia. Hostile fan environment and they haven't signed a single quality FA in years because the players are all too afraid and ashamed to play in the city. You nailed it brother!Oh and remember how hard the Jets fans rode the team, coaching staff and players last year? Lots of funny stories about Jets fans hating on the team. The coaching staff and players had to all leave town and they are 0-8 now thanks to those fans and their horrible, horrible chants.Seriously though ... almost nobody watched that game. Nobody saw what you saw. Setting the team back 5 years? Please. It's all forgotten the next year. Nobody cares.

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