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I think some of you need to get past your hate for MM.  I was in the Winston camp from the very beginning, but it looks like the Titans got a good guy too if they can keep him upright.There's nothing wrong with both of us getting the "right guy"

You're wasting your time trying to reach two obvious trolls.

Trolls??  How about making a call on a guy in college and holding on to that call.  It bothers some on here because they had Mariota's man meat out in front of them at this point last year, praying we weren't going to draft the "rapist" from the hated rival school.  I am just pointing out, as Mariota's career goes forward, how wrong those folks were.  Do the same with JFF and will do the same with Bosa.  If you don't like it.  No biggie.  We all love the Bucs, so ignore and carry on.

That's because you consider Mariota bust material when a large majority of rational football fans think otherwise...I preferred Winston not because I thought MM sucked...Mariota will be a star in this league for years to come...

Ok Havoc. Here's something for you to consider.  Give me one QB in the history of the NFL that was injured twice in their first season that went on to any kind of career.  And I mean, one QB, where the injury sidelined them.It's not going to get easier for him.It's that simple.

Troy Aikman?