Re: Re: To all of you Mariota fans I say: LOL!!!


I tend to agree with the OP. Mariota and that system, man. It was just so damn fast paced and spread out, and that option QB stuff seems to slowly be eroding away. You want a QB with a big arm, ability to read the field and process and defense, have enough evasive ability to keep them honest and to provide some escapability, and the ability to lead with passion and be accurate. I see those qualities in spades with Crab Rape. His emotional maturity has been beaten to death. He is a football PLAYER though. He can learn maturity by being around calming influences and older men who have responsibilities. Those tui he are hard to find in college. His problem is maturity. I would roll the dice that he wants more than a rookie contract, and will work to preserve his competitiveness. Crab Rape is my choice as well. Mariota is sleek, and fast, but he doesn't have the arm talent that I crave. Again, great prospect. Great athletic ability. Not as powerful an arm, and it's hard to say how accurate he is. He will drop a dime from time to time, but he doesn't throw into windows and that read option is not something I want a QB to run to have success. I think Marcus would be an amazing fit in Philly. Or maybe even Buffalo. They run an fast paced offense (pre-Kyle Orton). I just feel like Mariota's work is like Orko. (He-Man reference....Xmas time!  I remember getting those mike Pittman looking figurines one Christmas, and I broke every one of them by new Either or is fine. But I think most of us know (who are not brain dead yet), that Mariota is going to need an innovative coordinator and a really good QB coach to get him up to speed on working under center, reading a defense, and throwing to spots on three second timing drops). I really like Marcus. But he will need a bit more to succeed in Bucville, and I don't think neither Lovie nor the Glazers will be able to acquire said coach. Lovie is NOT going to want to run that style of uptempo offense. No way man. Merry Christmas dudes.

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