Re: Re: To all of you Mariota fans I say: LOL!!!


I sort of agree with you Boid, I really like Marcus, but if we draft him and try to put him in a traditional offense, I don’t see him succeeding. I don’t think he’ll bust, but I’m afraid he’ll turn into a Sam Bradford type of guy, that shows flashes and gets hurt a lot.If the plan is to draft Mariota, I really, really hope Smith tries to find a OC that will put him in an offense where he can succeed (something similar to Seattle's offense). I think the guy is smart enough and dedicated enough to succeed IF he gets into the correct offensive system.Otherwise, I'd rather we roll with Winston. Maturity aside, he's the gamble we have to take if Smith goes with a conventional pocket offense. You have to keep guy's like Jackson around and get him a OC that can keep him in line. I honestly do think either one is going to be more successful than last year's quarterback class. But Smith really needs to get the right OC if he's going with Marcus over Jameis.

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