Re: Re: To all of you Mariota fans I say: LOL!!!


I’m very torn on Mariota vs. Winston but I have watched a lot of games if both.  The anti-Mariota crowd who keeps saying he can’t throw from pocket needs to tell me what game of his to watch where he doesn’t.  I have watched 6 games this year and 7 games from last year and now get why some people call him a bigger faster Russell Wilson.  Very smooth doesn’t make mistakes misses some throws but the misses almost always don’t hurt the team in a turnover.  I was all about Winston till I started watching both of their games on Draft Breakdown.  If you think Winston is a perfect prospect with flaws in his game you will lose all validity in my eyes cause you're looking through some Homer goggles.  Winston mechanics are far from perfect especially his footwork at times.  Biggest issue I see with Winston is he thinks his arm is stronger than it is a lot of his interceptions have come from this and the speed of the NFL will only magnify this issue.  This year especially he seems to be missing reads on underneath coverage from LBs and Safties, which has lead to more TO and more drive stalling throws on 3rd down.  I'm not saying Winston isn't a good QB prospect, he certainly is and if he puts the work in should make a good NFL QB.  After seeing Manziel this year admit to needing to work harder, I'm leaning towards the cleaner prospect.  For the record Walter Football's scouting report on Winston written by Charlie Campbell makes Winston sound better than Luck.

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