Re: Re: To all of you Mariota fans I say: LOL!!!


All you have to do is watch the game tape and it becomes crystal clear who the better QB prospect is. I hate being “that guy” in making the preceding comment but it fits here; People who are ringing the bell for Mariota either just look at stats and highlight reels, or simply have no idea what they are talking about. Jameis is miles ahead of Martiota in terms of moving onto the pro game. To be fair, some of it isn't Maroita's fault because he's asked to do much less than Jameis is but it still puts him at a major disadvantage. Jameis has to adjust line calls, blitz pickups, site reads, take snaps from center, call audibles etc. while Mariota doesn't have the responsibility to do that, 95% of the time it's all done by the coaches, including audibles.Mariota also isn't anywhere near as accurate as Jameis when it comes to making throws in tight windows. Jameis is much more comfortable in the pocket and delivers a better football from the pocket, while Mariota is more skilled throwing on the run and seems to prefer it. Jameis is also much better at going through his reads while Mariota seems like a one read/check down or one read/take off type guy, very similar to most of the hyped spread option QBs that have failed horribly in the NFL recently.I do not believe that Mariota will be a good pick period, but if you are doing to draft the guy he's going to need to sit for a few seasons to learn something Jameis already has been taught in college.If you want to question Jameis due to character concerns, fine...fair game. But on the field it's not a question or doubt that he is the best pro prospect at QB.

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