Re: Re: To all of you Mariota fans I say: LOL!!!


Good post and I agree, I want what is best for the Bucs long term. I want a team that can finish with winning records and make the playoffs consistently. And while there are high risks, Jameis HAS to be the guy because there are potentially higher rewards. Jameis is incredibly immature but isn't that a symptom of youth.....or is it more than that? How will this kid react when he's thrown millions of dollars and the spotlight is even brighter on him? He has yet to lose a game, how will he handle getting his face kicked in week in and week out in the pros (assuming he's drafted by the Bucs)? How will he handle the gold diggers, the hanger ons, the "friends" off the field? While those things do worry me tremendously, how could we justify picking an inferior QB over of him? We have a rare opportunity to get the #1 pick in the draft, this doesn't come around often. Is it not worth the risk? Every college QB is a risk in some way or another right? And when it comes down to it, a hard question to ponder is: would you rather the questions be about maturity, or football ability?

What Johnny Manziel did while at A&M was immature. Jameis Winston is beyond what Manziel was doing.

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