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That's a good idea. I too am not against the Glazers, and think people don't realize how bad we used to be when they invoke the franchise's history.

With respect, it may be you who doesn't realize how close we are to those days. The expansion record was expansion in a different era. Nobody expected it to go well and frankly being in an NFC Championship game a few years in was better than most expansion teams manage. I'd rather have the 0-2x and NFC Championship soon after that than a few wins in the first two years and no playoffs after that. That said ...Article in the Trib pointed this out:

With Sunday's loss, the lads have now lost at least 12 games in three of the last five seasons. It's not quite as wretched as 1983-86, when the Bucs dropped 14 games in the three of four seasons.

It's not as bad ... but it's close enough as to not really be worth arguing about.

Does no good posting that here ...they will never see it.  Go to, select "Contact Us" at the bottom, select "Ticket Sales" as the group you want to contact and paste in your comments.  The only way the Glazer's will make a move is if they feel a total revolt coming from the fan base ...and thats a big IF seeing as they're playing with house money already due to the large TV contracts.

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Good grief people are so quick to criticize. He said quite clearly that he already did that so relax...

I know many will be shocked but I just have lost my interest in throwing my money away. I wrote the Bucs and informed them that I am done.

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