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I paid hard earned money to watch a college team play against pro teams most of this year. We saw inept play calling and horrific clock management.  The team was ill prepared to go into the regular season and frankly we were not even competitive for most of the year. Today's debacle against New Orleans makes this regime Winless against them. They put up 40 points on us today and we looked like a team that did not care. The tom foolery with special teams at the end of the first half was absolutely the dumbest crap I have ever seen. Nobody does that and why the heck would they ?  We're we trying to fool them we were gonna punt with 40 seconds left?  Please for the love of God get these idiots out of here.  I will not renew to watch this type of idiocy.  No one was fooled. It was just a pathetic showing and an ill prepared team and if I hear we were out coached again, I may have to throw my shoe at Schiano in his presser. If we are out coached repeatedly, then Greg needs to go. He is not ready for this level. Not even close. Maybe a coordinator or assistant but not a head coach. This team quit today. As for the O line....worst unit on the team.  We have guys like number 29 who don't belong on the field and this team is soft. The OLine plays soft.  Their is no heart. I was embarrassed that we got it handed to us today.  It was an example of high school vs the pros.  Please sell this team. Give us an ownership that gives a damn. And as for those lousy excuses for screens at Ray Jay....get real. If you can't get the Tampa Sports Authority to update then step up you bunch of carpet bangers. Your team sucks and I am my neighbors are done supporting your sorry asses. I am fed up. Done. I am becoming a Lightning Fan. It's over you cheap lousy owners.  I can't stand you. An ex. Buc Fan

A couple points.Leonard is out there because they have no one better right now. That could change before next season.  And I am sure he is doing his best filling that hole on the defense.I think Schiano gets one more year.  The Glazers will want to see marked improvement in all areas, especially at the QB position. So Schiano's fate depends on Glennon's success or lack thereof.A Lightning fan?  I always joke with people when hockey comes up in the conversation. I tell them I am not sure what end of the stick you are supposed to hold.

Yet the Bucs passed on quality Free Agent Talent in Brent Grimes (Pro Bowl),  Sean Smith, Antoine Cason and Derek Cox. We also let go of Aquib Talib (Pro Bowl). Good Coaches get players to adapt. We don't need a bunch of Minions following a Dictator. We need playmakers that a coach can mold into one cohesive unit.

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