Re: Re: to those of you want jon gruden back as hc..


I remember the Kelly-spoke-to-Gruden reports/rumors but don’t remember if I just saw them here or if there were actual reports.

Head Coach of an NFL team? you're crazy if you think he says no. Kelly had options. Jay doesn't.  At least not at the moment.

It doesn't seem like Jay Gruden agrees with your thinking:"Most coaches would jump at the chance to become an NFL head coach.  Or, at a minimum, to gain experience interviewing for one of the 32 most coveted jobs in all of sports.Not Jay Gruden.Twice this month, the Bengals’ offensive coordinator has rejected an opportunity to be considered for a coaching job.  First it was the Jaguars.  Now, he has spurned an overture from the Colts, according to Charley Casserly of CBS."

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