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Rodtoast doesn't and hasn't watched oregon play... if he had, he wouldn't be making such asinine comments over and over.Mariota can throw better than any qb on the run in college football. How many times have we as Bucs fans hammered for designed rollouts? How nice would it be to have a qb with the threat to run but the desire to throw? Winston is a better pocket passer than Mariota more than likely but that is the ONLY thing he does better. Mariota is simply a superior athelete. He is more mature and his football iq is not only impressive, but it's coachable.  Also, the whole argument that he is throwing to wide open wrs... it's pretty weak

I’ve heard NFL OCs say they don’t use rollouts because it cuts the field in half and reduces the options for the QB….they want their QBs to stay in the pocket and read the whole field and find the open receiver.Regarding "better pocket passer"...that is what the NFL is about....pocket passing. 

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