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Past Oregon qb’s… Dennis Dixon 20tds 4ints 2136 yards.  Darron Thomas 30tds 9ints 2881yards and 33tds 7 ints and 2761 yards. Kellen Clemens 19tds 4ints and 2406 yards in 8 games. Mariota 38tds 2ints and 3773 yards… 31tds 4ints and 3665 yards… 32tds 6ints and 2677. Obviously Mariota is the best of the oregon qb's but it's the system and crumby PAC 12 D's.  Winston plays like the position like an NFL qb.  Mariota's success is predicated on a hope that he can learn to do that or that a system is completely tailored to his unique style.  I'll take Winston

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