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Jameis is unathletic? What freaking games have you been watching?Pepsi hit the nail on the head.We're a bad team that's going to have atrocious offensive coaching for the foreseeable future. Throwing a guy like Mariota from a spread system who doesn't like to get hit into that mess would be a disaster. Jameis on the other hand is a big strong kid who has shown that he can produce with similar weapons to what we have here in a pro-style scheme.Mariota needs creativity and flexibility in his system and people for some reason believe Lovie Smith will ever let that happen.

First of all, how do you know he doesn't like to get hit? Second, how did "liking" to get hit work for RG3? Third, only an idiot would "like" to get hit. Fourth, this argument that Winston "just wins" is ridiculous when compared to Mariota. Mariota "just wins," too. Taking all of Winston's MANY, MANY off-field issues aside, he's also thrown a TON of INTs. I'm so sick of people saying he reads defenses better than Mariota. If he was such a field general, he wouldn't have all those picks.Mariota may be a bust or may be Tom Brady. We won't know for sure for three more years. But, to say Winston is a sure-fire, can't miss, has-all-the-tools masterpiece is only looking at him through crimson-and-gold colored glasses.And by the way, he's such a tire fire of a human being I have no doubt he'll kick himself out of the NFL.

I’m a lifelong Gator fan who goes to Michigan. Aint nothing garnette and gold blocking these eyes compadre.Winston can take hits better than Mariota can. I don't think there's really a debate there.Marcus has a very special skillet. Lovie Smith is our head coach. Those two things don't go well together.