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Jameis will out interview, not only Mariota, but just about every prospect in the draft.  He's has a leadership personality and will impress any team that interviews him.  Mariota comes off as meek and polite and cautious.

thiscould easily go either way I believe.  From a football standpoint I do believe he will wow them.  But how will he respond to all the questions about allegations?  He's never had to answer anything.  It might be a big change.  Or he might just say, "dalvin.  Dalvin.  Dalvin." Over and over again.

rest assured, Gruden will ask him those questions and we'll all get to watch.

uhhhhhh... we strong?

jesuscan you guys at least get one single thing right? please?its skrong, not strongim skrong if you skrong. we skrong den