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Jameis will out interview, not only Mariota, but just about every prospect in the draft. 

If that's the best you got with the interview topic, your case ain't dat skrong den.

DH, how can you watch Jameis play and think that he is not more pro ready than Mariota?  If he is being evaluated for his on the field play there is little comparison. 

Please point out where I said he's not. I'll wait...And btw, if you don't think Winston's off-the-field issues won't be MAJOR talking points during the interview process; you're not only a bias homer, but you're also delusional. Out interview everyone, my ass...

They won't be major talking points given his ability to play the game in a pro style offense.  You are out of your mind if you think any GM is more concerned about his off the field issues than winning football from the QB position.  After the combine and interviews, he's the #1 QB taken in this draft and its' not a debate.

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