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They won't be major talking points given his ability to play the game in a pro style offense. 

I have gone pretty much the entire day with out hearing or reading something stupid. Thanks for derailing it.

Dipsh!t - how do you think someone as slimy as Cam Newton went #1? Is it because Carolina's GM is different than other GMs and is going to overlook some youthful indiscretions in favor of a winning QB?  Or maybe he's a lot closer to what every GM is thinking.  Get me a winning QB and we can address the other stuff internally.

Listen, you bet welching p*ssy - My point is that his off the field issues will be a cause for concern.  It will also be brought up in every interview that he has. It will be a MAJOR talking point. I know you don't like it, but it is what it is.

It will be a media talking point.  GMs dont give two sh!ts about what Winston has done off the field. They get paid and more importantly get fired for not winning football games. 

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