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Jameis is unathletic? What freaking games have you been watching?Pepsi hit the nail on the head.We're a bad team that's going to have atrocious offensive coaching for the foreseeable future. Throwing a guy like Mariota from a spread system who doesn't like to get hit into that mess would be a disaster. Jameis on the other hand is a big strong kid who has shown that he can produce with similar weapons to what we have here in a pro-style scheme.Mariota needs creativity and flexibility in his system and people for some reason believe Lovie Smith will ever let that happen.

First of all, how do you know he doesn't like to get hit? Second, how did "liking" to get hit work for RG3? Third, only an idiot would "like" to get hit. Fourth, this argument that Winston "just wins" is ridiculous when compared to Mariota. Mariota "just wins," too. Taking all of Winston's MANY, MANY off-field issues aside, he's also thrown a TON of INTs. I'm so sick of people saying he reads defenses better than Mariota. If he was such a field general, he wouldn't have all those picks.

I understand you saying that but it only shows that you havent actually watched the full games as much. I was a huge mariota fan and liked him over winston, but this year i made a point to watch their games from start to finish and it became a lot more clear that Winston reminded a top tier NFL QB whereas Mariota doesnt even need and doesnt really impress until you see the stats at the end.Winston at such a young stage in his career is trying to throw the receiver open more than Ive seen out of possibly anybody. This is where a lot of his picks come from. He's throwing to spots on the field based on what the coverage is before the receivers makes a move and hes anticipating the WR makes the right move. Im not friends with the guy and id rather be friends with mariota if I had the choice so its not like im BSing this stuff. I honestly think he has a lot of ints because his team is holding him back. Put him on a team with Evans for the next few years and those two will be unstoppable when they learn what each other do. The other chunk of his ints are from some bad decisions and forced wild throws where he's trying to make something happen instead of living to fight the next play. Reminds me of Favre a little.

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