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Mariota is insanely talented but he also is extremely coachable and carries himself like the great QBs do.... He has flaws but is a worker. That's why I'm leaning towards him right now.

I just cant lean towards the guy that will have never played on a team that resembles anything like he'd be seeing here.

That didn't stop you from wanting Manziel tho.I just think that Mariota is a grinder, a guy that puts in the work and wants to be coached. I would rather give him the benefit of the doubt over a guy who can't get out of his own way.They both are gambles but i trust Mariota way more.

You actually missed a lot of my older posts. I said the EXACT same stuff about manziel and I said it alot. I wanted Bridgewater more by a mile. Youre referring the recent stuff ive said about Manziel which was based off me thinking that the Bucs may have a chance at Mariota but not Winston. What I said 1 or 2 months ago was if the Bucs are looking at Mariota then id hope theyd act like Manziel is stilll in the draft and approach the Browns because Id rather have him for a second than Mariota for a top 10 pick. But i voiced my concern about Manziel a lot when it got close to draft time, and it was very similar to the same way I think of Mariota right now.

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