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Mariota is insanely talented but he also is extremely coachable and carries himself like the great QBs do.... He has flaws but is a worker. That's why I'm leaning towards him right now.

I just cant lean towards the guy that will have never played on a team that resembles anything like he'd be seeing here.

That didn't stop you from wanting Manziel tho.I just think that Mariota is a grinder, a guy that puts in the work and wants to be coached. I would rather give him the benefit of the doubt over a guy who can't get out of his own way.They both are gambles but i trust Mariota way more.

Cant' get out of his own way?  Explain.

He's a proven immature idiot... a repeat offender.

So his immaturity at 20 will be with him forever and he's not capable of growing up?

if you had millions on the line and was a public figure, how many moronic things would you doing?

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