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This is a typical Mariota game with 4 total TDs and no ints. But I honestly dont see that much of anything that special besides a couple of throws and the elite mobility. Its just very easy to him. Put him on a bad team like the Bucs and it will be something completely new to him and I think its likely hed fail. Winston on a bad team like the Bucs and I believe itll look a lot like this gameOline not giving him the easiest job in the world, forces and makes some bad decisions. But ultimately puts the team on his back and shreds them to a victory. know Winston can read defenses, has great vision and anticipation, good ball placement and he too has mobility to avoid a sack.I know mariota can take off running for lots of yards and has a really good arm on the run. I dont know if he can read defenses well, and i dont know if he look good at all in an NFL game.

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