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How did that pro style offense translate for Ponder and Manuel ??

I don't really have a dog in this fight and am actually leaning more toward Mariota but you can't compare Manuel and Ponder to Winston.. He has a way better skill set than either of those two guys.. Ponder LOL!

Actually you CAN compare them , in the context I am doing it .Both of those guys were 1st round picks , who became 1st rounders partly because of how "pro ready" they supposedly were . If people are going to use the "pro ready" argument as a reason Winston is SUPPOSEDLY superior to Mariota , I am going to call bullshlt and point to the other highly rated QB's from that school who were clearly NOT ready afterall , and fell on their faces.Jimbo's system has a piss poor record of making pro QB's in actuality, even going back to JaMarcus Russell , so spare me that argument . Judge these guys on their own merit , not systems.

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