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Something like 77% percent of receptions this year, have been from shotgun.

Shotgun?  Every QB has shotgun experience in college.  The offense Mariota runs in college is not being implemented at a rate that makes it relevant.

What are they doing at Oregon thats not being used in the NFL? Screens? Wheel routes? Moving the pocket? Read option? Quick passing game? Are the Oregon WRs using magic tricks to get open?

Read option is run less than 1% of the time in the NFL.  Fact.  If Mariota doesn't see someone open on his first read, he tucks and runs.  Litterally any highlight film you see on him are 2/3rds run to pass.  He's a great runner, he's not a great QB.  Huge difference.

I haven't an idea as to the veracity of this statement - could you post the appropriate stat when you get a chance.

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