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There are six teams that use the read option as a large enough part of their arsenal to really consider it a substantial part of their offensive play calling.  PhillyCarolinaWashingtonSeattleSan Fran New YorkAs you can imagine - Philly is the most successful, where some kind of read option play accounted for more than 30 percent of their offensive output.  Carolina was second with a significant drop off of  about 14% of their output. Next was the Redskins with 12 %, followed by Seattle at 5.5%, San Fran at 4.2% and the Jets at 2.6 percent.The rest of the league may mix in a few plays here and there but only Philly is running it with any real consequence.  I will say, I have watched 8 or so Seattle games this year and while they dont do it a ton, when they do it, they are very effective with it.  They pick their spots well. This information is from Grantland prior to this season.  I do believe that the Redskins are using it a lot less with Gruden as the OC.

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