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Rodtoast doesn't and hasn't watched oregon play... if he had, he wouldn't be making such asinine comments over and over.Mariota can throw better than any qb on the run in college football. How many times have we as Bucs fans hammered for designed rollouts? How nice would it be to have a qb with the threat to run but the desire to throw? Winston is a better pocket passer than Mariota more than likely but that is the ONLY thing he does better. Mariota is simply a superior athelete. He is more mature and his football iq is not only impressive, but it's coachable.  Also, the whole argument that he is throwing to wide open wrs... it's pretty weak

Well he Rodtoast is correct is saying that Oregon offense is nothing like an NFL offense. Lining up in shotgun doesnt mean its even close to the same system that the Brocos use. Oregon has and still does use Inside Zone Read and Outside Zone Read as the main concepts. With lots of trickery involved to advertise one thing and do another. Anybody who says "they run shotgun just like the rest of the NFL is starting to do now" is honestly a complete idiot. Sorry to whoever Im calling an idiot, but you truly are.

Aside from the option read itself, oregon doesnt run that much 'misdirection'. If Mariota isnt handing it off in the read, and it isn't designed for him to run, then it IS simply a shotgun pass. This is just arguing semantics.Oregon runs all of the typical routes from screens to slants, from hitches to posts. Manning runs the same stuff in Denver all the time and he is a pocket passer. Rb zone read but it acts more like a play action.The play action is something else we don't use enough, along with designed rollouts. I just don't see how Oregon's backfield formation changes Mariota's approach to the nfl. He doesn't play like Tebow or Crouch who are run first qbs... he just has the weapon to create with his legs and keep defenses honest

You are funny.  Let's put Jameis out of the equation for a minute and pretend that he is not coming out this year.  I still wouldn't want Mariota as my QB with a first round pick.  He's a project no matter who drafts him and to deny that in the face of so many before him with similar skillets  that have struggled to adjust to the NFL game is just being ignorant.

I have not seen you ONE TIME back up any statement you've made....! I'm not even sure you know what you are trying to say anymore.I'll just go in record by saying this: I don't LIKE Winston BUT if Mariota is off the board and we take Winston I will be happy. If they are both available, obviously I want the class act qb over the knuckle dragging idiot.

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