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FSU fans are so desperate for a star NFL QB after all the years of mediocrity at the position that they'll do anything to hype Winston up. Seriously, have the Noles ever produced a noteworthy QB in the NFL? And no, you can't claim Brad Johnson. He never played at FSU and produced in the NFL in spite of the coaches in Tallahassee. That would be like a Gator fan claiming Cam Newton.

Nope.  I think I am more  desperate as a Bucs fan, after, you know, 38 seasons, to find one flipping franchise QB.  Winston is going to be that for someone - why not us. Why would any fan of any team be concerned with how well their team's QB does in the pros?  Since Manning, not much has happened at UT.  Since Flacco, Deleware hasn't produced much either.  I want our franchise to make the right decision on a QB for once.  Glad you are more patient than that. 

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