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I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen enough of Mariota to be critical. I will say to the original poster criticizing the ACC, that PAC 10 defenses are notoriously bad and, outside of Aaron Rodgers, PAC 10 QB are notorious for being busts in the NFL. Mentioning Rodgers,  I think being like Rodgers is the best you can hope for with Mariota’s body type and arm strength. It took Rogers years in the perfect system to get that good. From the little I’ve seen of Mariota,  I tend to doubt he has the creativity as a passer to be like Rodgers, and I think he will be much more like Kapernick. Winston's size, arm strength, and ability to read the field are all much better than Mariota at this point. The comparisons for Winston are Luck and Big Ben. Both of those guys played well since their rookie year in whatever system they've been in. I expect Winston to do the same.

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