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To you people out there i ask you why would you want winston over mariota? Just because he hasnt lost a game? well good for him. It's a total team effort, it is not just him playing. People who say stats dont matter. You're dumb, they do. The ACC is one of the weakest conferences in college football. There may only be 1 team that FSU played that was actaully, MAYBE good, which would be georgia tech. To the other teams they played that you think are good, look at the teams they lost to. Those teams suck.17 ints this year for winston, and 2 for mariota. Something tells me that winston makes poor decisions, and he does. 27ints for winston over 2 years. 12ints for mariota over 3. You may say "he's a system qb" but people act like Mariota couldnt learn anything in the NFL.Over 3 years Mariota has 101 TD passes. Winston over 2, has 64. Also Mariota isn't a slow fat turd like winston. Under Mariota i think we could turn the team around, and i hope us mariota lovers prove people wrong.

RGIII, Kaepernick, JFF….Marriota would be listed here….I don’t like the idea of trying to fit an option QB into an NFL Drop Back/In the Pocket system that they will have to run in the NFL.  I’m not sure there is a franchise type QB in the draft class…unless Cook comes out….but at least Winston has been running a pro set type of offense where he has had to read the whole field….not just one side and then tuck it and run.  Just not sold on either one.

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