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If we talk to him now, and he wants to go later anyway, or won't re-sign, we might as well trade him.Remember revis, and how it burned many of us that we didn't get zilch? That same outcome is possible here if not handled correctly.Personally, I'd rather have a couple of picks at least, than to be left with nothing but memories and a feeling of "what could have been."I'm surprised so many think it's not possible. Especially buc fans. You would think they've seen that same scenario before...a few times..lynch, sapp, plummer, bo, doug williams, revis, etc. Point is, we've seen good/great players back out/traded/cut before, so lets not act like it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

And it is certainly looking like getting rid of Revis was a mistake. I mean I can piece together 16 million worth of garbage on this team right now that would pay Revis's salary and we wouldnt miss those players.But everyone in the offseason thought quantity was better than quality. Well...I hope you enjoy McCown, EDS, Collins, and Michael Johnson.

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