Re: Re: Trade our first for Brady?


Yo, I will make this thread even more interesting. Would you give up our first round pick in 2015 for bill belichick?  I would say hell yeah man. I'd say chances of dat happening are as good as me unwrapping Heidi koumiss on Christmas. Shoot!

Actually. That is a good question. Give me 0.5 seconds to think about it. Ok, i've thought about it. Yes. I would give up our first round pick, and my right arm, and my left testicle, for Bill Belichick.

Without Brady? Ehhhh I'll have to say no. I'll try to literally buy Sean Payton, or Pete Carrol before that.

You wouldn't really prefer those to guys as coach before Belichick, would you?Each to their own, but i would be literally stunned that anyone would take one of those guys as head coach before BB.

No but im keeping my pick (QB) and im getting a very good coach to go with it.

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