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Nice. A one dimensional pass rusher and a one dimensional pass catcher.Crown please![/qreally? everything I've read on these 2 are that they are both the most nfl ready and complete players at their respective positions. do a little research and you will see the same. READ A BOOK!!

I probably did a bit less reading than you did on these players. I probably have watched a bit more video than you have as well. Whilst you base your outlook on what other people write, I judge these players according to what I have seen on their videos. Mack is a 3-4 OLB. No question he would not fit what we do very well. This is where I think that a lot of people are just clueless. Lovie Smith will not draft a 3-4 OLB with the no.7 overall pick. I am confident of that.ASJ...where do I begin? Let me qualify this by saying that I have watched several entire games of all of the top 3 TE prospects. ASJ is going to be a big time threat at the next level catching the ball. His combination of size and athletic ability are very impressive. I predict that he will be very much Jimmy Graham like. But he is not a good in-line blocker. He gets pushed around like he has roller skates on while trying to block DL. Watch the games yourself, bro. ASJ is going to be a good player if he is in the right system. He is very capable of blocking LBs and DBs. So, as long as he goes to a team like NO who spreads the field and he is working from the slot he will be fine. If he were to go to a team that uses a standard NFL formation with the TE lining up on the end of the line, he will struggle as an in-line blocker. So there you go. My research is already done on these guys. I am not a big fan of either.

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