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ASJ is the best blocker of the 3 big TE..

No he isn't. He is good at blocking small college linebackers and db's. He sucks blocking any college DLinemen. How does that translate into the NFL?  Find me one clip of him pancaking anyone with a devastating block 1 on 1. You can't. I have identified a major weaknesses with ASJ which is he has very poor lower body strength. He mysteriously falls down after catching the ball sometimes. He is routinely tackled by small college LB'S and DB'S. Find me one clip of him breaking a tackle, or carrying people into the end zone like Amaro does. Ebron is the only complete TE in the draft and after the combine you all will be on his jock strap. He can anchor and block out DL. He is also very good at blocking the college LB and DB's. He is the most complete TE with speed I have ever seen. His ceiling is very high. He is a top 15 talent if you ask me. And the more I think about ASJ the less I like him. I don't need my TE to be so one dimensional. We already have a good one dimensional TE. I want the beast Ebron or wait for CJ or another guy later. Not really a fan of the 2nd and 3rd best guys (allegedly).

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