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They have grown on me. I don’t hate the pewter and red uniforms with red socks. The numbers are still lame as hell and I don’t understand why we aren’t wearing the helmet they advertised as our new helmet…..but the pewter and red uniforms with red socks aren’t bad. Just need a few tweaks. I've always hated the all white look anyways and when you add in the orange We did look ridiculous yesterday. People keep saying they make us stand out and look unique....but that is a weak line of thought imo. That is how teenagers in high school think. That's why you see young kids that have green hair, orange skin, ridiculous amounts of make up, giant pants, or 20 piercings on their face. You don't have to look like an idiot desperate for attention to stand out. The best way for the Bucs to stand out is to play great football and wear something sharp while doing it.

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