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Bro...I don't even know what it means to be "elitist as they come when it comes to a sense of fashion". I'm just calling it like I see it. Most of our uniform combinations look ridiculous and that isn't what we need to do to stand out and be noticed.

That is in response to you saying people looking ridiculous with tattoos, baggie pants, purple hair etc.I don't do that that. I also don't dress like a slob. I consider myself to be a step ahead in terms of fashion with most people I come across. I consider myself perhaps a bit elitist in that sense.So no, you are totally wrong. This is football where uniforms are meant to get dirty. I also think our uniforms look better than our level of play. Our uniform looks to be designed for a playoff team IMO, but we aren't. It is all subjective anyway, but you make it sound like what you are saying is the gospel truth.

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