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If Jameis were at UF or any other SEC school, I highly doubt you would think his actions were "trivial".

Actually, that would be untrue as I have already stated that I thought the knee jerk suspension of Treon Harris was a total travesty.  The only question I have with any Florida issue is how charges always seemed to be dropped or withdrawn shortly after they are made.    I admit I find that just a bit questionable.  I remember when that Florida player broke into a Impound lot was arrested and charged early Tuesday morning only to be released and all charges dropped in time for him to be playing on Saturday.  In all the years I have been alive I have never seen the justice system work so quickly.  Perhaps you can explain? I think the Duke lacrosse incident was an absolute abomination where their lives and academic careers were ruined by some lying prostitute out for a big pay day at their expense. Duke like Florida didn't hesitate to cower the PC crowd and kicked them to curb without any fairness at all.  They were arrested and charged in the flimsiest evidence.There was no cover up by the TPD and I think is an abomination that such hatred has been placed on essentially a good kid whose real crime is a he is a great football player. That is wrong and you know it but your heart and soul is filled with uncalled hatred towards someone you don't even know.That is wrong.  Hey I joke about Tebow and I can see the joke about the crab legs but it should end there.  Calling him a rapist is wrong on all levels.Vanderbilt involved a gang rape on a drugged out victim.  That is serious.

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