Re: Re: VH3 Wants to play here


Not a fan.

I'm not either. Just being local talent isn't enough for me. As a guy who doesn't have a favorite college football team I just watch the games. FL is on in TB a lot so I watch them play a lot. VH3 is a good player but I don't think he is worth the 9th pick in the draft. He will be a quality corner but he is vulnerable against these bigger faster guys that are in the nfl.

stole everything I had to say so i guess "+1"All I can add is I really dont care that he wants to play here. what? Id be concerned if someone didnt want to play for us, but if someone specifically wants to play for the Bucs they dont get bumped up in my rankings. I guess I cant speak for Jason Licht and his rankings though.

I really don't understand what people don't like about him.  I watched every game both VH and Joe Haden played in college, and VH is the better pro prospect.  And Haden was a helluva prospect.

For me its just the size. I can deal with Grimes for a year or two. But if you draft Vernon you are married to him for 4-5 years. When the trend is bigger and bigger WR's.

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