Re: Re: Weird Tunsil Scenario


Goldson:The point is: Did D. Smith play well enough to protect Winston against really good teams who have elite right edge rushers.I feel he fell short and that the Bucs have to improve at LT to play well against the top teams.I also feel that pass-pro is very important for that position. Run blocking is important, but over-riding is pass pro.  To be good at pass-pro the OT has to be quick with his feet, which is tough to find in a big man.Now D. Smith is young which makes me wonder, can he improve?  If he has quick feet he can improve---certainly he, himself, mentioned that he was not satisfied with his performance and intended to work on improving this off season.Whether D. Smith can develop into an upper caliber LT, I assume the coaches are in a better position to know.But 2 or 3 years from now, I would be delighted to have Stanley at LT and D. Smith at RT

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