Re: Re: Weird Tunsil Scenario


Lets flip the scenario around. Carson Wentz falls to our 2nd round pick and he is your highest rated player. Do you draft him?

To compare those two scenarios is incredibly flawed. The answer is obviously no, because there is a much higher ceiling and potential for Winston. Also, if you deafted Tunsil, you could still possibly find a place for Smith on the line. The probability of Tunsil being an upgrade over Smith is pretty high because Smith wasn't all that good. The same can't be said for Jameis in comparison to a QB in this draft.

I think the big difference is that I really like DSmith as a football player. I thought he would be a guard  and he was my No.1 rated guard. I figured he was a multiple Pro Bowl type guard prospect. If he can play LT all the better. I like his upside over Tunsil due to his physicality.I think the reasoning behind your thinking is also flawed. You opined that Tunsil would likely be an upgrade over Smith because Smith wasn't all that good his rookie year. Rookies are rarely very good in their rookie years. The list of rookie LT's who played poorly is about 100x longer than the list of rookie LT's who played great. Based on the fact that the vast majority of these players play poorly as rookies the chances of Tunsil coming in and playing great are very slim. Also, DSmith may not have played great last year overall but he did have some very good games and he showed flashes of dominant play. Plug in the Houston game from last year. He was pretty good in several games. As far as Tunsil goes if you think he is going to come in and play great as a rookie I believe you are going to be disappointed. He is a good prospect but I believe he will struggle as a rookie just like the other 99.9% of rookie LT's struggle.

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